Shaquille O’Neal is a former widely acclaimed and popular basketball player whose contribution to basketball is immense. Apart from being a sports analyst, Shaquille is also notably famous for his contribution to movies, television, and music. Though Shaquille is considered one of the best basketball players, his contribution to movies is also widely accepted and loved. If you haven’t watched any of his movies yet, the following list might help you in choosing one!

1.Uncle Drew (2018)

A comedy revolving around the legend Uncle Drew is a fun film to watch. When Dax is desperate to win a basketball tournament, he comes across the great ‘Uncle Drew’. After convincing Drew to return to the game once more, the two men go on a road trip to gather Drew’s old basketball teammates in order to prove that the old men are still better at the game than the youngsters!

2.Grown Ups 2 (2013)

This comedy, this movie features Shaq playing the role of a police officer. Though not a major role, but the comical scenes of Shaq are hilarious! When Lenny decides to move back to his hometown along with his family to be with his friends, crazy things follow. After his arrival, he finds himself caught up in many comical situations while his friends deal with their own struggles. If you have liked Grown-Ups, then this movie will definitely not disappoint you!

3.Blue Chips (1994)

In this college basketball drama, coach Peter Bell must improve his team’s standing. To do so, he approaches three talented basketball players namely Neon Boudeaux, Ricky Roe, and Butch McRae. However, there’s a catch! In order to get these men into his team, he has to illegally pay them. This could jeopardize Bell’s career as a coach if he is caught. Will Bell risk it and succeed or lose it all?

4.Blended (2014)

A hilarious comedy follows after an unsuccessful blind date between single parents Jim and Lauren. After their disastrous date, they agree to never meet again. Major chaos happens when they both separately go for a family vacation in an African resort and are stuck sharing the same suite! Though Shaq doesn’t have a major role, this comedy is worth watching!

5.Show Dogs (2018)

If you love movies featuring animals, then this movie should be on your watch list! Police dog Max teams up with Frank, an FBI agent to bring back a stolen baby panda. To succeed in its mission, Max goes undercover and takes part in an exclusive dog show in Las Vegas. With the help from other fellow contestants, Max and Frank come to know of another kidnapping and must save other animals from a greedy gang of smugglers.

Shaquille O’Neal may be remembered as one of the best basketball players, but he brings absolute justice to the characters from his movies. Shaq’s comedy movies are light-hearted and great to watch. To cheer up your mood instantly, all the above movies are highly recommended!

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