5 Best Daniel Radcliffe Movies You Will Love Watching

What comes to our mind when we hear the name, Harry Potter? Magic, spells, Hogwarts, and Daniel Radcliffe! We saw this little boy literally grow up while acting in eight Harry Potter movies! But Daniel didn’t limit himself to only the fantasy genre. He has shown notable performance by acting in varied projects. Be it drama, comedy, action, or horror, the work of this actor is widely recognized. In case you are wondering which movie to watch, here are the 5 best movies that you can begin with. Come, enjoy the ride!

1. What If (2014)

Formally released as The F Word, this light-hearted romantic comedy revolves around the life of Wallace, a medical dropout student. Wallace who was cheated on finds comfort in his new friend, Chantry. As the story progresses, Wallace falls in love with Chantry. Well, the kick is that Chantry already has a boyfriend! Will Chantry ever know about Wallace’s secret feelings for her?

2. Imperium (2016)

This movie features a complete transformation of Radcliffe’s boyish role of Harry Potter to a challenging and idealistic role of Nate Foster, an FBI agent. Portraying the role of a young inexperienced agent, Nate must infiltrate a white supremacist organization that is plotting a dangerous plan to spread terrorism.

3. The Woman in Black (2012)

Radcliffe plays the role of lawyer Arthur Kipps who is sent to a remote village in England to retrieve a deceased eccentric’s documents. The backdrop of the early 20th century is eerie enough to chill your bones. However, Kipps soon learns that something is strangely odd in the village as the villagers are hiding a terrible secret. Who is this “woman in black” and what does she exactly want?

4. Jungle (2017)

A really brilliant performance by Daniel Radcliffe was shown in this survival movie. Based on the true story of Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, this movie depicts the journey of Yossi along with his two friends, accompanied by a mysterious guide into the deep forests of the Amazon. Not everything goes smoothly when they have to fight against the dangers of nature and show extraordinary survival skills. Is nature a threat or his companions too?

5. Swiss Army Man (2016)

In this comical adventure, Radcliffe plays the role of a corpse, Manny! Yes, you heard that right! This is Radcliffe’s most challenging and audacious role so far. When Hank is marooned and thinks of ending his life, he discovers the body of Manny. It seems Manny has some superpowers as the movie progresses. Manny gains the power to speak and develops a strong bond with Hank and helps in his self-discovery.

Daniel Radcliffe is definitely a young actor with great acting potential. He has shown his acting spectrum through these varied roles of characters. Be it a comical role or a serious one, Radcliffe has brought justice to all of his characters. We sure do love Daniel in his boyish charms, but these movies will definitely make you see the other side of this talented actor!

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